We provide a one month hands on board and training for your dog. This is done at BarTKennels formerly Big Dog Academy in Koosharem, Utah. All work is done and overseen by me as the certified trainer. Our work is guaranteed, and exhibited through finished verifiable video as well as communication with you through our links and instructions.

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I train all types of service dogs. This is done through our board and train program. I train for therapy work, medical alert and all types of emotional needs. Training a service dog is an intense program and takes a lot of time, this is a commitment for both you and for us as well as the dogs. You will see the results you need while we bring your dog to the level it will need to be for you and your needs. Your expectations will be met while we bring your dogs abilities beyond a pet and help to make them an essential tool for you.

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Customized Training

For a special price (TBD) between me and the client, I will personally train with your dog offsite with my Son. We both work primarily with your dog on an after hours basis giving you a one to one training experience for your dog and you. This is a special offer and involves your dog living offsite from BarTKennels formerly Big Dog Academy at my personal residence. This is premium package and involves deep level work with your dog. Call or text today for a price point for this service and to help with any questions regarding this program!