We provide a one month hands onboard and training for your dog. This is at Big Dog Academy in Koosharem, Utah. This is done and overseen by me as a certified trainer. Our work is guaranteed, and exhibited through finished video and a hands on must attend course with you and your dog.

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I train all types of service dogs. This can be done through our board and train program. You can also do this through my state of the art online program where we will get your dog trained as a service animal. I train for therapy work, medical alert and all types of emotional needs. Training a service dog is an intense program and takes a lot of time, this is a commitment for both you and for us as well as the dogs.

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Online Program

You can chose to sign up today for this program. There are several options to chose from. Look at the pricing and information below to select what you are looking for regarding online services with me and your dog. I will give you everything you need to have a new and wonderful relationship with your dog today.