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  • SERVICE DOGS ARE A UNIQUE TRAINING - We prepare, raise and train service dogs, we have several breeds - we can have one ready for you soon. Get your reservation in today, soon we will have a long waiting list.

Virtual Training and Consultation Services

  • Many times a virtual consultation can be given. I use Go To Meeting and can set up a private link to cover the most basic to complex consultation with you regarding your dog(s) and or training needs? I have a 4000 hour certification from the United States Department of Labor and am happy to coordinate and schedule a virtual discussion with you to assess the needs you have as an individual for your dog. I will always answer candidly and give you a level of resolution to what your dog needs. I will not charge you if it is an issue where I have no viable option for you and your dog. Simply text me your desire to set up an online meeting and times you are available, I will then send you the link and schedule you an appointment. 435-893-5962.