My Name is Wayne Ogden.  I am a trainer with BarTKennels/formerly Big Dog Academy and I also help run and manage the overall dog training program here at our Academy.  I am a certified dog trainer from the 7.5 years in Federal Prison as an Inmate where I received a full Certification through the United States Department of Labor. (Over 4000 hours.)

While serving time in Federal Prison I was in a Service Dog training program for Five years. I lived with, trained and worked with hundreds of dogs that ultimately became service dogs. This I did 24 hours a day while in the program.

I and our staff will provide your dog with the highest quality experience in board and train possible. You will see results guaranteed! Your dog will love the location here, and the overall experience.

No one I know loves dogs more than I do! I am a love and praise based trainer with countless experience. I have trained thousands of dogs in basic obedience, aggression training and all manner of behavioral modification. I have also a long list of service dogs that I have trained as well.

If you call or text me Wayne Ogden 435-893-5962 I can get you set up and on the calendar for our premier board and train program?  Feel free to text or call me!