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My Name is Wayne Ogden.  I am a trainer with Big Dog Academy and I also run and manage the overall dog training program here at our Academy.  I am a certified dog trainer from the 7.5 years in Federal Prison as an Inmate where I received a full Certification through the United States Department of Labor. (Over 4000 hours.)

While serving time in Federal Prison I was in a Service Dog training program for Five years. I lived with, trained and worked with hundreds of dogs that ultimately became service dogs. This I did 24 hours a day while in the program.

I and our staff will provide your dog with the highest quality experience in board and train possible. You will see results guaranteed! Your dog will love the location here, and the overall experience.

No one I know loves dogs more than I do! I am a love and praise based trainer with countless experience. I have trained thousands of dogs in basic obedience, aggression training and all manner of behavioral modification. I have also a long list of service dogs that I have trained as well.

If you call or text me Wayne Ogden 435-893-5962 I can get you set up and on the calendar for our premier board and train program?  Feel free to text or call me! 
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So it is official, Big Dog Academy now will be owned and operated by Bar-T Kennels. This is an awesome opportunity for all of us here. It is HUGE for me because i will now be able to focus on Dogs, and have the actual time to be part of and do what i really love about this business. I will still be here and i will stay here for as many years to come as i can work!

Again, this is huge for us and it will generate a board and train business that is beyond comparison! We gained dog trainers with lots of experience and people that can help run manage and care for the buisness in ways that have been impossible to date!

My gratitude to Terrin Hampton and what he has done for me leaving Federal Prison and setting up this company will never waiver. I appreciate him and thank him for this awesome opportunity i have had. Terrin - Thank you!!

Going forward Big Dog Academy will become tied into and operated by Bar T Kennels, as the transittion goes on. As with anything the entire transistion will take some time but this is so exciting to see what we can now do for every dog and customer that we have.

With this in mind! With Change, comes opportunity, call or text me and get a big discount on dog training, board and train, or just regular boarding. 435-893-5962

Not only now will you have a facility with 140 acres of working farm with which to see your dog progress and become all it can be, but you will actually realize the huge benefits of what this change brings to this organization!!

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Big Dog Academy will reunite the bond between you and your dog, or create a new bond with your dog. With easy to use and functional training i will quickly and permanently correct and redirect your dogs energies and behaviors. With easy to follow commands you will now be able to enjoy your dog in any situation. You will become the leader your dog needs. Your dog will follow that leadership!

We are an affordable program with $PRICING PREDICATED ON TRAINING OPTIONS (Check for occasional special offers CONTACT ME 435-893-5962) your dog will have an amazing experience with us at our board and train facility. We guarantee our service for the life of your dog. You will receive the tools necessary to be your dogs leader. While your dog will learn to follow your leadership, you will also see the bond that will be created with our trainers and me as we work with your dog. Your dog will receive all it needs to be the best version of a dog you could want.

The Board and Train program takes your dog away from you for three to four weeks. (puppies that are at least 8 weeks old may take longer for completion, depending on needed work.) Upon completion of our program you will be given an extensive list of instructions and links (the tools) to ensure that you will keep your dog up to par on all commands. All of this will be done along with constant updates to you through out your dogs stay.

Located in beautiful Grass Valley. Koosharem, Utah, is just fifteen minutes away from FishLake Utah. Your dog will have a state of the art indoor facility as well as hundreds of acres to work with us while here. Our Board and training serves all of Utah, parts of Idaho, and Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Colorado.


We provide a one month hands on board and training for your dog. This is done at Big Dog Academy in Koosharem, Utah. All work is done and overseen by me as the certified trainer. Our work is guaranteed, and exhibited through finished verifiable video as well as communication with you through our links and instructions.

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I train all types of service dogs. This is done through our board and train program. I train for therapy work, medical alert and all types of emotional needs. Training a service dog is an intense program and takes a lot of time, this is a commitment for both you and for us as well as the dogs. You will see the results you need while we bring your dog to the level it will need to be for you and your needs. Your expectations will be met while we bring your dogs abilities beyond a pet and help to make them an essential tool for you.

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Customized Training

For a special price (TBD) between me and the client, I will personally train with your dog offsite with my Son. We both work primarily with your dog on an after hours basis giving you a one to one training experience for your dog and you. This is a special offer and involves your dog living offsite from Big Dog Academy at my personal residence. This is premium package and involves deep level work with your dog. Call or text today for a price point for this service and to help with any questions regarding this program!

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My mission is to see that every dog is loved and trained to follow leadership, to the point, that we get the desired result. You will receive a dog that wants to please you at every turn, a dog that will respect what you ask it do do. Not out of FEAR, but out of complete and utter love! - Wayne Ogden

I am a unique trainer because I will stand by you for the life of your dog. I will always be here for you, and for your dog. I have learned that every dog and situation is different, and I will work out a plan of action that works best for you, and for your dog. As my customer, I am here to serve you. - Wayne Ogden

Customize Board and Train

  • This is an off site program where your dog stays at my residence (Wayne Ogden) and is trained by my Son and I. This is high level training beyond the basics of normal board and train. This program is only available when I have openings and availability. It is also done on a TBD price between you as the client and I as the trainer. If you are looking for a different way of training with extensive work for your dog, this is the program for you. This will further help with any type of work outside of the normal board and train program. Call or text me for details 435-893-5962

Need something Special

  • This is an A la Carte offer which will only cover specific training for one/two items only and a two week base for that training.
  • This is customized and only available by talking with WAYNE OGDEN 435-893-5962

Premium Agression Deconstruction

  • This is for aggressive dogs. Whether dog to dog aggression, or dog to people aggression. We will help with behavior modification and get your dog to a place where you can trust yourself and your dog in situations you have not been able to in the past. We also through work, desensitization and other methods can get your dog to get along and live with and manage their behaviors in situations with other dogs, or multiple dogs in your home.

Training Links and Instructions

  • ON SALE!!! Currently available for a discounted price! This series is a sure fire way to train your dog, easily through concise instructions and how to links. You can buy these links and instructions and have them sent to your email or phone for merely $97. This is a great option for those that can not afford to have their dog trained professionally. Yet still want the benefit of the program we offer.
  • Call me or text me and I can get these to you today. 435-893-5962 it is that easy, shoot me a text and we will set you up.

Chat on our chat button. Or you can Text Anytime 435-893-5962 this will ensure the fastest response time! The easiest fastest way to change your relationship with your dog.