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My Name is Wayne Ogden.  I am a trainer with Big Dog Academy and I also run and manage the overall dog training programs here at our Academy.  I am a certified dog trainer from the 7.5 years in Federal Prison as an Inmate where I received a full Certification through the United States Department of Labor.(Over 4000 hours.) While serving time in Federal Prison I was in a Service Dog training program for Five years. I lived with, trained and worked with hundreds of dogs that ultimately became service dogs. This I did 24 hours a day in the program.

No one I know loves dogs more than I do! I am a love and praise based trainer with countless experience. I have trained thousands of dogs in basic obedience, aggression training and all manner of behavioral modification. I have also a long list of service dogs that I have trained as well.

If you call or text me Wayne Ogden 435-893-5962 I can also customize a training option for you. Or I can set you up for our premier board and train with your dog?  Feel free to text or call anytime!  
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I love dogs! Big Dog Academy will reunite the bond between you and your dog, or create a new bond with your dog. With easy to use training i will quickly and permanently correct and redirect your dogs energies and behaviors. With easy to follow commands you will now be able to enjoy your dog in any situation.  

For only $1250 your dog will have an amazing experience with us at our board and train facility. You will receive the tools necessary to be your dogs leader. While your dog will learn to follow your leadership.

The Board and Train program takes your dog away from you for one month. (puppies at least 8 weeks old may take longer for completion.) Upon completion of our program you will be given an extensive list of instructions and links (the tools) to ensure that you will keep your dog up to par on all commands. All of this will be done along with updates to you through out your dogs training.

Located in beautiful Grass Valley. Koosharem, Utah, just fifteen minutes away from FishLake Utah. Your dog will have a state of the art indoor facility as well as hundreds of acres to work with us while here. Board and training serves all of Utah, parts of Idaho, and Las Vegas, Nevada.


We provide a one month hands onboard and training for your dog. This is at Big Dog Academy in Koosharem, Utah. This is done and overseen by me as a certified trainer. Our work is guaranteed, and exhibited through finished video and a hands on must attend course with you and your dog.

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I train all types of service dogs. This can be done through our board and train program. You can also do this through my state of the art online program where we will get your dog trained as a service animal. I train for therapy work, medical alert and all types of emotional needs. Training a service dog is an intense program and takes a lot of time, this is a commitment for both you and for us as well as the dogs.

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Dog Boarding

We board dogs, while picking up at your home and returning the dog to you.. You simply call or text me anytime 435-893-5962 and I can help set you up for boarding your dog. Our boarding facility is different, your dog will experience the fun and life being a dog on a working farm year round. We sit on 140 acres of land in a gorgeous part of the State of Utah.

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My mission is to put you and your dog into an ideal situation with each other. I work hard to train you and your dog to be a perfect part of your family. I will strive to eliminate the uncertainty and hassle of a wayward dog. You will become your dogs leader. I will teach you how to lead your dog. I will also teach your dog to follow that leadership.

I am a unique trainer because I will stand by you for the life of your dog. I will always be here for you, and for your dog. I have learned that every dog and situation is different, and I will work out a plan of action that works best for you, and for your dog. As my customer, I am here to serve you.

Dog Boarding

  • We are unique in that we pick up and deliver your dog back to you. We have specific delivery dates for picking up and delivering and we do not charge those days against your boarding costs. Therefore we charge only for the dates you are physically gone from your house. Also, a special note any past customers are $35.00 a day for boarding!

Its been about a year since this journey began and I must say I am both overwhelmed with gratitude to all those that have done so much to make this possible!  We love dogs we love what we do everyday, we enjoy every aspect of working with and training dogs.  What a blessing, what a great job, what a wonderful world to live in!  The life of dogs is everything to me, we learn from dogs every day!  Thank you to all the clients and dogs we have been able to help over this time period.


We have a all new state of the art location for dog training.  I have not posted on my blog here for months, but will now try to do better.  We truly have a one of a kind location with every available option to maximize your dogs board and train experience.  Feel free to also look up my Facebook page Wayne Ogden and see what its like to be a student at this awesome training program.

Dog aggression.

Aggression in a dog comes from various areas. Many times aggression stems from fear. Some dogs are just inherently mean. Others have not learned to behave socially with people or with other dogs yet?  While I advocate working with dogs and trying to stop and correct aggressive behavior there are instances where you just won't get this out of a dog. I would hope in most cases aggression can be corrected, however in those where it will not go away often the options are limited. I do not believe in giving up on a dog, but I have seen many that will bite their owners, friends or just anyone sometimes unprovoked?  In these cases I believe that a dog must be dealt with, unfortunately sometimes this means the worst possible scenario.

Where fear is the cause of aggression I am one that believes in most cases you can slowly and steadily socialize and work with a dog no matter its age and get it to where it will come around?  This process requires a lot of patience and a lot of work. Sometimes an enormous amount of socializing and time spent putting the dog in various situations while you supervise and watch the dog closely. Many dogs once they overcome their fear they become a joy to be with. Dogs and people suddenly become their friends and they experience a whole new world for them.

Remember when working with an aggressive dog it is important to seek a professional in the industry someone that can and will be able to help and or render a decision on a dogs behavior and the likely hood of that dog overcoming their aggressive behavior.


Your dog needs a leader, your dog wants a leader. Your dog wants to get instruction on what to do and when to do what? Many think that the dog is its own individual personality and will do what it wants to do most of them time. While this is somewhat true, your dog is begging for you to lead it and give it direction and teach it. Almost all dogs want to learn, love to learn. Find a way to give your dog the leadership and direction it is craving. If you can't do this on your own, find a trainer to establish this behavior so that you can enjoy all that your dog has to give you!!


Dogs were meant to have a leader, to follow someone, to bond with someone.  They need direction, leadership and guidance. They want it, they need it!  Yet so many people treat their dog like a child or a family member and not a dog.  Dogs want to be what they are DOGS.  Man's best friend is wanting to be your best friend under your direction. Leadership is key in this relationship. Give your dog the guidance it wants, give it everything buy re-directing his/her life to become truly you and your families best friend! 

Dogs will react to praise as a Dog Training tool

In Dog Training, often dog trainers focus on treats. While I understand this approach, I do not use this technique myself (don't get me wrong, even I have moments where a treat is a must to entice a dog to come, go to kennel, or a number of other beginning instances). While Dog Training, dog treats are not always available. Dogs can and will react to praise, during any Dog training you are doing. Praise training as a Dog Training tool is a constant that can work for virtually any dog. When Dog training, Dogs love something? Dogs are entertained and love to be loved. Also, correction is a must, but praise is even more important than correcting the behavior you do not want. Have a great day and remember to give your dog what he/she needs In work, love, praise and daily routine.


Dogs are Family

Ever wonder why typically farm dogs and hunting dogs seem so well behaved? They are taught to respect and are loved for what they are. They are given direct commands and are expected to obey those. Farm Dogs and Hunting dogs alike are treated as dogs, treated like they were meant to be and furthermore they are given all the exercise and stimulation they need. These same basic rules and principals apply to our Family Dogs. Treat them as they want to be treated, love them, earn their respect and loyalty and you will have a true FAMILY MEMBER in your dog. This works for all dogs, small, big, medium or in-between. Dogs are meant to become family! They are also Dogs, and expect to stay dogs, they are not people. Treat them this way and you will be amazed at the results. If youre having issues with your Dog Training, or your techniques, we would love to help.

Chat on our chat button. Or you can call or Text Anytime 435-893-5962 this will ensure the fastest response time! We look forward to helping you and your dog.