Saved to Serve
Saved To Serve
This is a great opportunity, any donation over $20 simply send me your email to and i will send you a COMPLETE SET of LINKS and INSTRUCTIONS for training your dog(s). The value on this is well over hundreds of dollars and i wills send to you for again any donation you make over $20. The purpose of this program is simple. We are trying to save as many rescue dogs and shelter dogs as possible. Then to match these dogs with those that need a service dog and do not have the means to pay for their service dog training. This may be due to medical expenses or a direct cause of their disability. So, in donating you can save both a dog and help give back to someone that needs help. This is a program that gives both to animal and human and is one of compassion and an awesome opportunity for you. Plus you get a set of links and instructions for donating. If you have any question about this program. We are or you can call or text me 435-893-5962 directly. We have been training service dogs for years and now have a goal